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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Ángel Gracia it´s a Naturist Doctor and Veterinary Scientist.
He has learned how to survive a shipwreck many days alone with seawater. At 79 years is impressive that enjoys health, agility and concentration. He has written many books among which "The Dolphin Diet" which somehow exposes a number of commercial diets where they will not cause obesity; "Naufrago Manual" is another book that tries to convince organizations like UN, and avoid killing more than 200,000 people each year die of thirst, sinking in desperate migrations and ignore as drinking seawater.
"Rene Quinton found that all vertebrates are isotonic seawater, he fought all of malnutrition and dysentery epidemics with seawater because it gave the body the nutrients and rehidrate them"
"When we are born we are over 90% water, water similar to sea water. This was discovered by the wise French scholar René Quinton in the late nineteenth century, and seawater healed thousands. These ideas have long been forgotten, but now there is a group of people that has been proposed to recover them because they know the nutritional and therapeutic virtues of seawater, the most affordable and abundant resource on our planet."
There is no life without water and, therefore, biology is the science of water. Sea water is salt water.
Every 1L seawater consists Marina Soup containing 965 cc of water, nucleic acids, DNA, amino acids, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals (118 elements of the periodic table complete), phytoplankton, zooplankton, krill / omega3-fish eggs and larvae, carbon chains, particulate matter, 10 billion of viruses, bacteria 9 billion and the information of the origins of cellular life, all in an alkaline environment of pH 8.4. Reasons why sea water is the most complete nutrient Nature, biogenic and patogenicida.
It is surprising to many that a whale misticeta-toothless, have beards-mammal like humans, 30m in length and 200 tons in weight, the largest animal-nature, nurture and feed it to the marina which is invisible soup the eyes of a human. The paradigms, myths and scientific dogmas taught in schools would have us believe that the sea water: 1) is contaminated; 2) which produces renal (kidney cap), and 3) that if a castaway the baby, desidrata and dies. All of which is FALSE. Something that was known since 1904 (René Quinton) and that we have once again demonstrated in this decade, according to the protocols of "ethics" officers of the European Community. Offshore fish and marine mammals do not suffer from infectious diseases, epidemics, zoonoses, pandemics, because they feed organic, bioavailable and alkali with soup completely green-marine-who despise humans, based on myths, paradigms and scientific dogmas learned in schools and universities.
Sea water has scientifically proven applications in nutrition and green organic soils, plants, animals and humans.
Agriculture, livestock and public health are in the soup marine seawater a prevention tool and healing that has been wasted so far.
The fresh-water savings the next wars will be for gold to blue-without-desalinate sea, raw, can be done in the 1,400 km of coastlines around the world. Marine Constructed Wetlands or Marshes, Eritrea and Mexico have demonstrated this.
The ocean water is putting more green the planet and that is infinitely more absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. They are the largest decontamination plants on the planet, are the waters that cover 70% of the Earth, while the surfaces of large forest resevas appendix represent only minimum atmospheric decontamination.


  1. Thank you for this information. I am very interested in drinking sea water. Can you tell me if I can just drink it straight from the ocean myself or must I buy seawater that is purified? I can't find information from Angel Gracia in English

    1. Dear Delanie, I will say that to drink it straight from the ocean it´s not a good idea...I found this http://www.plasmaquinton.com/ I hope it will help u!

    2. And salted thanks for visit us!!!

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