"Environmentally-friendly" kidswear team based in BARCELONA.

"Be GENUINE!!! Be YOU!!! Follow you INSTINCT and SHOUT!!!"


Jackmarino was born to share our passion about seas and oceans, wilderness, nature and their creatures. Jackmarino believes in the strength of Mother Nature, in the perpetuation of Animal Kingdom.
And above all things: RESPECT & FREEDOM!!!
We are an "Environmentally-friendly" kidswear small team based in Barcelona, Spain, worried about the Earth environmental impact, as well as the impact of chemical on human health. That´s why we want to keep our shop eco-friendly as much as possible, using completely non-toxic water-based screenprint inks and displaying a variety of materials that are considered "environmentally-friendly" such as organic cotton, bamboo or wool.
"Boys and girls will always be different but so many times we want the same things."
We consider the majority of our products unisex- suitable for either boys or girls-.
That´s why in our shop we classify our items by category not by gender.
We want to offer you a NATURAL, TIMELESS, ORIGINAL and EXCLUSIVE selection of genuine patterns designs and wonderful items to make you feel as you deserve.
In our ONLINE SHOP we will be displaying summer or winter designs all the year through, so you can find anything you desire anytime no matter the season of the year.
Each design is handmade with lots of love and care.
Always from the heart.
This is the basic colour range that Jack has choosen to be part of this great adventure:
And just remember:
"Be GENUINE!!! Be YOU!!!"
"Hi I am JACKMARINO, a pirate cat, a sailor, a dreamer...I travel around the world searching for adventures and making good friends everywhere!"