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Saturday, August 31, 2013


Did you know that you can save water while on board if you use two thirds of tap water and one of sea water to cook food?
Did you know that to anticipate the oxidation of the tins of conserve it is necessary to take the labels from them and rub them with a rag impregnated in vegetable oil?
All this and more you will be able to read it in the book:
"Cocina para navegantes. 99 recetas deliciosas y consejos útiles para cocinar a bordo" 2004. Greenpeace Spain&José J. de Olañeta, Editor."
"A book that gathers the experience of the cooks of the sailboat Greenpeace VI-Zorba, destined to environmental education. An indispensable book for those persons who love the sea and the good kitchen."
And for all of you, young and old pirates!!!

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